Walking Wounded 2004

Walking Wounded 2004

I’ve been playing music since I was 10 years old – starting on the piano and trumpet, and moving on to guitars of all forms, and lately the ukulele. Singing has always been a big part of the music I do, and as guitars and ukes are ideal for this – they are the instruments I’ve focused on. I’ve been playing guitar for 20 years, and have performed in pubs, cafes, churches, festivals and concert halls all over Dorset, South Wales, Mull, Macclesfield, and even Sweden…
I produced my first EP in 2005 (“First Light of Dawn”), and then a full album with the band Laughter of the Crowd – “No-one told me why”, in 2006. I then recorded a solo album under the name Nikko Fir called ‘Walking Free’ in 2008. Since then I’ve been more involved with music combined with youth-work, than performing and composing – but I still frequently write new arrangements of existing lyrics or songs. I started teaching music in 2006, and have taken it up in Macclesfield as a part-time career since 2011.

In 2018-2019 I collaborated with old band member Meilyr Wyn to produce a new Nikko Fir EP – Cold Shock.

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I have worked with young people for most of my career in various capacities, in a wide range of teaching based posts (including music workshops, juggling workshops, outdoor activities, mathematics, laboratory skills, field-work skills) and enjoy inspiring and educating other people about the things I love.

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My current musical activities are focused on:

Performance Instruments: trumpet, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, vocals, ukulele.
Teaching Instruments: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, ukulele.
Styles: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Folk, Classical.