Ukulele Resources

Below you should find a list of downloadable sheets to help you on your way with the Ukulele workshop at Macc Music Centre.

Jan 2020

Beginner Ukuleles

One shot on a smartphone…

Shake it Off – Taylor Swift

Rude – MAGIC!

Adventurous Ukuleles

This one’s from 2017! The chords never get old…

I’ll Be There For You (theme from Friends) The Rembrandts

The Power of Love – Huey Lewis and the News

Video from Feb 2018 – but the chords are still the same!

The Final Countdown

Sep – Dec 2019

Merry Christmas Everybody

Time for some Christmas music – this one has relatively easy chords, all from our C major family: C, Am, Em, G, F, Dm, with the odd Eb (which isn’t actually too hard…) so should be within reach. Enjoy!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

A folk classic in ABA structure, utilising chords I, IV and V7. Oh yes – it’s everyone’s favourite beginner piece – you all played it so well that it melted my heart – lets do the same at the end of term showcase! If you fancy some variation, try substituting section A for this instead:

|C Am |F Em |Dm C |G7 C |

or even

|C Am |F Em |Dm C |G7 F |Fm C | to finish.

Other variations we might try include a reggae strum, rock strum, minor version, jazz version or more…

Hey Soul Sister – Train

Easy chords, but a semi-quaver swing and some rhythmic subtleties…

The original song is in E – so put a capo on 4th fret if you want to play along with above arrangement – or use E, B, C#m and A.

Now updated with the correct chords diagrams!

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

This is a tough one to do well – but that’s to be expected with Queen…

The original song is in F – to play along with the original using these chords you’ll need a capo on 5th fret.

Now with the correct chord diagrams!

Apr – July 2019 – MMC 25th Anniversary

This coming term we’re celebrating MMC’s 25th Anniversary with a concert at the Royal Northern College on the 6th of July – so we’ll be working on pieces for that. Proposed pieces for the ukuleles to join in with include:

Live demo of the Million Dreams arrangement
  • ABBA medley
    • Money Money Money, Knowing Me Knowing You, One of Us, Thank you for the music
    • chord chart
Midi version of Abba arrangement
Midi version of Cha Cha
Midi version of Tango
Midi version of Little Latin Melody

Jan – Apr 2019

Sep – Dec 2018

When you’re ready to face Christmas music, you can have a look at these!

Mar – Jun 2018

Jan – Mar 2018

Plus the ones that we didn’t get to perform last term

Sep-Dec 2017

Mostly in the key of G this term…

Summer 2017

This term we are performing some of our ‘greatest hits’ from previous terms.

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